VMmanager is an extensive program which lets users to edit or create a virtual machine and run multiple operating systems on PC effortlessly. The user can get started by specifying the compatibility version, operating system, guest operating system name, OS edition and project name when creating a virtual machine. There is a well-organized layout and a bunch of configuration settings better personalize the virtual machine. You can specify the RAM, together with the splitting method, hard disk adapter, and CD-ROM type and disk drive. This application focuses on the selection of the adapters, Mac address, and Ethernet, also assists you to switch to the last tab to apply them to the virtual machine. Moreover, it is possible to restore all options to their default values, view VMDK and VMX information, and select the folders to share between host and the virtual machine. VMmanager is a comprehensive and efficient tool that runs on low amount of system memory and CPU, and no crash or error problem.