iSpy is an open-source video recording utility that provides support for email notifications and sound, built-in motion detectors, and microphones and multiple webcams. This program has a clean interface that enables to set up the monitoring process, and multiple webcams can be synchronized to record. You can configure a new camera regarding the name, video source, a mask image, and timestamp. The user can pair a microphone, specify the maximum frame rate with the selected camera. This program has different built-in motion detectors. The application can adjust the levels for luminance and saturation, and set the maximum and minimum trigger level for motion detection. You can detect objects smoke or fire and monitor objects of a specific color from its useful features. There are other options to track objects of detected items by counting the number in the scene, apply noise filters, keep edges, set alarms, schedule tasks, and monitor specific areas of the camera. The user can send SMS or MMS to the specified phone number, open a file or play a WAV file, and active alarms. iSpy is a fully-featured video recording utility that offers you carry out the monitoring process efficiently.