LAN Search Pro is an extensive network file search program that lets you to search for specific files like documents, pictures, music, or photos in your network on any PC. There is a clean and easy to use interface to handle and manage the task impressively. The user can get help with search field along with nifty buttons to other sides of the app like password management or options. You can start an instant search from pressing the Enter button and typing a file name in the search box depending on the number of results and the size of network. It is possible to scan the entire network and configure the search in the dedicated tool. Moreover, this application enables you to configure LAN Search Pro to authenticate and export the results in three different formats such as CSV, HTML, or XML when a scan comes to an end. The program is compatible on Windows, free of cost, and comprises modern and intuitive interface. LAN Search Pro is a powerful and handy tool which is used for fast file searching across your LAN and uses a lower amount of hardware resources.