DefenseWall is easy to use application that protects yourself when surfing the internet and helps you prevent unauthorized infiltrations and any attacks on your PC such as spyware, adware, Trojans, rootkits, and keyloggers. The user can access the main application Window, and this program places itself in the system tray. This application can protect your system by dividing apps into two groups against malicious agents. The tool grants permission to terminate them instantly and automatically detects the latter set of programs. You can make specific applications trustworthy, rollback files and the Windows registry, and check out a log of events. The advanced users can manage download areas, secure custom folders, and files, and create a list of files to be excluded from protection. You can protect game accounts, passwords, and other sensitive data, and create a list of untrusted applications. The user can set this program to show alarm notifications I the system tray. You can restore options to default, reconfigure keyboard shortcuts, and save program settings. DefenseWall is a powerful utility that has a god response time and a powerful agent against malicious software.