LibreCAD is a user-friendly application that supports a long list of formats and designed to help you edit and create different CAD files easily. There is a simple and free method of designing CAD drawings and export and import items. This tool comes with a comprehensive help documentation and smoothly run installation procedure. You can add few panes and elements to help you view project, list, and a logs with a pretty large number of buttons and a menu bar. The program supports a long list of formats at exporting and importing like, DXF, TGA, XBM, WBMP, TIFF, SVG, PPM, PNG, JPG, ICO, GIF, BMP, JWW, CXF, LFF, DDS, PBM, ICNS, and PDG extensions. There are plenty of items in your drawings such as lines, splines, ellipses, circles, points, text boxes and polylines, and zoom in and out. Moreover, it is possible to move, mirror, rotate, align, copy, trim and scale elements, as well as lengthen, delete, stretch, divide, bevel, and explode text into letters. LibreCAD is a free 2D CAD program that you can calculate the distance between two points and the total length of a selected element.