Redaxscript is a lightweight and simple application that is used for private websites and small business, and complete with support for mobile devices. It is designed with working from a light code frame, speed in mind, and as many features. This program has a simple installation wizard and an intuitive WYSIWYE admin interface. The application comes with extensive website settings and available in over 30 languages. This program offers core features such as bundled with latest jQuery, module system with hook points, template support, salt enhanced power security, advanced user, and group permissions, and ultra-lightweight WYSIWYG editor. More qualities are like search engine friendly environment, mobile ready with responsive design, fluid, and elastic layout, and on-demand loader for CSS and Javascript, and pre-optimized via page speed. Redaxscript is a PHP and MySQL driven content management system that comes with lots of SEO-friendly features and fairing well with high traffic loads.