Autodesk Maya is well-known, and one of the most powerful animation software that helps you effect with photo-realistic rendering creates breathtaking environments and animations. This program and animation solution comes with all the functions. It has a well-organized and visually appealing interface, even if consists toolbars and menus, loads of buttons, it is also highly customizable. This program comes equipped with an impressive array of tools, controls, and effects, and clearly designed for advanced users. The application has toolsets for 3D surface modeling with highly sophisticated effects, scene animation features, and texturing. You can create vector graphics and photo-realistic images in this software and offers to handle large, animated scenes. It is possible to generate lifelike environmental effects. The application supports various file formats and can work with geometry, vectors, digital images, and scene files alike. This program needs a powerful workstation when it comes to system resource usage. Autodesk Maya is a most powerful application that brings your imagination like 3D animation, rendering, modeling, and simulation.