BatteryBar is a lightweight application that displays relevant information such as full runtime and battery wear while using low resources and the battery status on the taskbar. You can figure out to take care of your laptop and keep track on battery’s lifespan with this app. This program provides support for language translations and additional themes. The interface of this application exists of a very small frame that displays the current percentage of remaining battery. The user can find out the charge rate, capacity, current percentage level, elapsed time, status, battery wear, and full runtime. You can pick a battery profile to show in a graphical representation, make the frame stay on top of other windows, and select a battery power scheme. It is possible to change the font style, hide the tool when the battery is fully charged, display individual battery status popups for dual batteries, and use separate battery profiles for each power scheme. The user can disable the aero effects, automatically close notifications, use custom sounds for low battery warnings, log all details and reset all settings, and specify a power scheme to switch the laptop automatically. BatteryBar is a program that delivers a simple solution for monitoring the battery status and has a good response time.