IExplorer is an iPad, iPod, or iPhone browser that offers you to backup, transfer, and copy files and folders using drag and drop. You can drag and drop items and see the data on any portable device such as a USB flash drive. This program works with both non-iOS and iOS products and possible for you to manage and connect many devices simultaneously. The application is packed with a great set of tools for managing media, bookmarks, backups, applications, calendar, notes, address book, messages, and call history or voice mails. It offers disk mounting to manipulate data on devices. This program can manage your apps directories to facilitate the editing and brings gesture support to make browsing content more fun. The application offers core features such as watch video clips without opening them, quick look support for browsing document files, and metadata details or the iTunes library location. You can configure the application and select the media transfer directory. IExplorer is a handy application that you can manage everything on Apple devices and has a well-organized interface.