Ffmpeg is a handy command-line utility that you can get benefit with its commands and especially used for converting, recording or streaming video and sound. This application addresses lack of a friendly graphical user interface and a rather small group of users due to its complexity. The tool has constantly been updated to meet the advanced users in particular and the ever-growing expectations of the community. You can use a codec library by a large spectrum of programs and also a demux and mux library for containers. It is possible to creating quite the number of profiles to serve different situations and spend stupendous periods of time tinkering with the settings. There are some supported widely-known container formats such as OGG, MKV, FLV, AVI, ASF, or MPEG. Additionally, this utility develops four command-line programs like ffplay, a simple media player for previewing files, ffserver, a network streaming server, ffprobe, a profile tool for scanning containers, and Ffmpeg. Ffmpeg is an open source and straightforward program that is designed to develop programs and libraries for handling multimedia data.