Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a reliable piece of software that lets you uninstall programs, delete any left-over files, clean the registry of PC, and remove toolbars. You can repair the windows registry keys and optimize your PC by uninstalling programs. The user can uninstall programs in the general tools tab, configure programs, start an installation monitor, start a services manager, and run a quick cleaner on web browsers, Run history, Recycle Bin, temp files and recent documents. It is possible to hide, clean, sort, and show items in the start menu, manage control panel, and remove fonts. This program allows you to apply live file compression, look for duplicate files, access internet browser tools, and use a shredder to delete files beyond recovery. Moreover, you can restore, optimize, clean, and backup the windows registry entries, view reports on installation logs, installed programs, fonts and services, startup apps, create shortcuts to specific tools, and configure an automatic scheduler. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is an intuitive application that comes with a well-written help file and no crash or error problems in this tool.