FreeCAD is a free and user-friendly program that helps you to create 3D and 2D drawings, write scripts, and comes with many dedicated parameters. There is a straightforward and clean interface and you can create 3D, CAD, PLM, MCAD, CAx, and CAE projects. The users can import data from many formats such as DXF, BRP, WRL, ASC, OCA, IFC, JPG, BMP, IGES, MED, SVG, DAT, or others. This tool comprises different 2D drawing objects and gives you the possibility to edit, scale, rotate, and move the selected objects. You can create a polar array from the selected objects, clone the components, and delete or add points. It is possible to modify the objects by using Boolean operations, work with multiple documents, use the built-in Python console, record macros, and use the workbenches. Moreover, the utility offers you many tools like box, torus, cylinder, cone, and sphere. FreeCAD is a graphic editor and 3D CAD modeler that provides tools for creating solid parts and complex which can be stretched, subdivided, or modified.