Jing is a simple-to-use program that assists you to record the activity, take screenshots, and share them with other users on the internet by using a cloud service. There is an elegant and intuitive interface, you need to create an account upon initializing, and you can perform your work after defining the capturing area. The user can save the respective image or video and specify an output file name on the computer. You can create highlights and write text on a snapshot, draw frames or arrows, and view a history of recordings and snapshots. It is possible to manage your email account, select an audio input device, configure proxy settings, set a capture key, customize buttons, and more in the presence area. Additionally, this tool shows you an interactive video tutorial and guides you to an extensive guide with snapshots online. Jing is a reliable application that comes with excellent quality of images, video, and audios, a good response time, and no crash or error problems in this app.