smcFanControl is a user-friendly and practical Mac OS X utility that is specially designed to help users to control Mac’s built-in fans to cool down the PC. You can reduce the system temperature, manually adjust the fan speed of your Mac, and cannot set a minimum speed below Apple’s default values. This program can be accessed through its status bar menu and runs in the background. The menu bar icon can be customized at the same time to show the temperature and fan speed of one component, fan speed only or temperature, and the icon. There is an option to select the desired temperature unit and even adjust the used colors. The user can choose the component and fan to create and monitor multiple profiles by a few clicks, and adjust the minim fan speed of all available fans with the preferences window. Moreover, it is possible to configure this tool to automatically start at login, switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and customize the menu bar. smcFanControl is a lightweight and unobtrusive system utility in which you can use this application to reduce the fan speed while your MacBook.