AIDA64 is an extensive system diagnostics utility which comes with support for email notifications and reports, and important information on the PC’s software configuration and hardware. The application is designed for advanced PC users and helps you test the capabilities of the memory, FPU, and CPU by running complex benchmarks. There is a simple and fast setup procedure and a user-friendly interface with a neatly organized layout. This program includes the detailed info when it comes to the server, operating system, motherboard, storage, multimedia, display, network, security, software, devices, DirectX, database, and configuration. You can export information to reports from any selected areas or all of them for safe keeping and closer examination. It is possible to configure program settings such as alter the layout order, switch to another UI language, enable email notifications, and point out the output folder for creating reports. Additionally, the user can do all these operations when performing benchmarks, add custom components to the list, filter event logs, and much more. AIDA64 is a benchmarking and hardware monitoring software that obviously puts a strain on RAM and CPU, comes with good response time, and no crash or error problems.