Reaper is an intuitive and reliable application that is specially designed to edit, arrange, record, and render multi-track waveform audio, and batch convert files. There is a seamless installation with portable advantages, and makes none changes to hard drive or registry without your approval. This program keeps user-friendly interface, divided into several areas such as right-click menu, the main menu, track control panels, main window toolbar, edit area and main window, and timeline and mixer. You can view other areas, like the floating mixer master, FX browser, dynamic split, big clock, virtual MIDI keyboard, and transport bar. The user can give names to audio inputs and outputs, envelope editing, VST plugins, MIDI devices, custom actions and macros, user-defined interface themes, mouse modifiers, and 3D surround. Moreover, it is possible to support pitch envelopes, input recording and track meters, multi-channel track monitoring, and more. Reaper is a comprehensive software solution which comprises a complete documentation and its response time to commands is very good.