GrandPerspective is a reliable piece of software that is specially designed to generate colorful treemap representations for any folder to identify several space wasters and large files quickly. You can easily navigate the graphical representation and remove the files directly or access the files in the Finder. It is possible to change the sorting criteria like file type, extension, creation, folder, last change, last access, name, level, top folder, or the color palette. This application keep the files organized according to folders and comes with a collection of predefined color palettes. There is option to create new filters for refining the graphic representation, also the utility can do various tests. Additionally, the user can exclude certain elements, mask or filter items from the map view, rescan the same folder using different settings, compare the results, and open the results in a separate window. GrandPerspective is a disk virtualization and analysis solution to save the map representation to a TIFF image file and store the scan data.