Anvil Studio is a fully featured application that lets you to compose, play, edit, and record MIDI files, and mix multiple audio tracks into a single audio file. There is a straightforward and clean interface to pause, play, stop, or rewind the current audio selection, and support for karaoke or WAV file formats. This program allows users to change the tempo, apply audio effects, synchronize MIDI and audio devices, enable or disable the metronome, and test MIDI connections. You can adjust the volume and balance, view information about each track, and edit notes on a musical staff by inserting new ones. It is possible to generate chord labels on the staff automatically, allow the loop mode, key signatures and insert time, edit percussion tracks, alter the reverberation level, and edit the lyrics of the track. The user can use VU meters, zoom in of the sample level, apply filters and audio effects, and split a stereo audio into two mono tracks. Moreover, this utility offers you to write comments about the current track, use a virtual piano keyboard, enter notes from external MIDI devices, assign hotkeys for a better control, and merge and split items. Anvil Studio is a lightweight Windows application which can save the composition to WAV format and play, record, compose, and edit MIDI files.