WinDirStat is an excellent and cleanup tool which is specially used to analyze the space occupied by folders and files on your hard drive. The user can select a folder or hard drive to get started after initializing the program with the simple and plain interface. This program scans the respective folder or driver after which you can check out the size, percentage, time of modification and last date, attributes, the total number of items, subdirectories, and files. After completing the scanning procedure, you can view description, the extension of files, size, color, and percentage. It is possible to empty Recycle Bin, select a parent, zoom in and out, configure program settings, and show free space and unknown items. Moreover, there are options to cross file system boundaries, show time spent during the scan, disable Pacman animation, and set a user-defined cleanup. WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer that comprises a well-drawn help file, clean up your PCs, and no crash or error problems.