4Shared is an intuitive piece of software that is specially used to upload and download files into 4Shared account without the need for a web browser. There is a user-friendly interface to offers easy access to powerful features, and useful for synchronization, uploading and folders. This program displays the existing folders, download and upload tasks, with the help of multi-panel layout including list of details such as size, completed, remaining and elapsed time. The user can easily copy the link by right-clicking it when upload a new file, organize folders and files with synchronization, and analyze the 4Shared folder with the dedicated options. You can get multiple configurable download and upload parameters, including restrict the number of jobs, and specific settings to limit speed. Moreover, it is possible to pick the action in case the destination file already exists and setup the number of retries and timeout. 4Shared is a handy and easy to use application which remains very friendly with hardware resources and makes file uploading a breeze.