Burnout Crash is a very exciting heart throbbing super thrilling epic action based adventurous car racing video game that is developed Criterion Games and is published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game is a real enchanting experience and will defiantly blow the players apart and will took them to the modern next level of real time gaming. The crystal clear alluring catchy high definition liquid flow graphics of the game and its very easy and simple user interface makes it much more attractive and grabs the attention of the gamers at the very first glimpse of the eye. The easy and simple graphical user interface GUI of the game makes it way more convenient for almost all types of players either the experienced one or the newbies. As the name of the game states the players in this game have to drive and race rashly voilating all the rules and have to make destruction and along with all such stuff the players also have to perfrom quite difficult and dangerous stunts too. It is available for various platforms including iOS, PlayStation 3 PS3, Xbox 360 and various others too.