CloudApp is a user-friendly and efficient application that assists users to share and upload screenshots, files, and video recordings on PC with your colleagues and friends. This utility comprises pre-defined set of shortcut keys and you can customize them easily through the options Window. The cloud URL is copied to the clipboard automatically when a video or screenshot is uploaded and ready for sharing. You can share and upload desktop videos and screenshots on the spot and store upload files on your PC. It is possible to share the clipboard content, recognizing whether it comprises an URL or text, file path, an entire folder, a code snippet, and so on. There is a menu on the tray icon includes the latest uploads to copy the download link of a file and open the file in a browser or send the entry to trash. Additionally, the user can share files, recordings, and screenshots effortlessly, and share the links in an instant. CloudApp is a comprehensive program in which you can share any file on your PC with ease.