Blue Iris is an application that uses the latest video software technologies to help you observe and keep the property safe for your home or business. This program can handle up to 64 video recording devices like IP cams, camcorders, webcams, and others. You can capture screenshots, and record video and audio with it. This program has a comprehensive interface that makes it easy to use and the users get toolbars that give immediate access to all its important functions. The app can recognize a connected camera when it is connected; you can customize its settings and view its live feed. It is possible to activate motion detection among other things and set the video size and frame rate.  You can customize and configure multiple profiles to fit different environments or scenarios. The user can set the minimum object size to take into contrast and consideration, and the possibility to have triggered a group of cameras and the motion highlighted. Blue Iris is a useful professional-grade program that is used to Capture JPEG snapshots or capture movies in Windows Media file formats and others.