webcam surveyor is a functional and simple application that includes compression quality adjusting, and motion detection possibilities and frame rate. It is designed as a full-blown alternative in a specific area for recording activity by using a webcam connecting to the PC. You can take snapshots, record videos, and quickly broadcast live media streams over the network with this software. This program works properly, install without a hitch, and the interface is straightforward. You can adjust the camera settings, capture the pictures, and watch the video. It is possible to apply a mask and allow automatic video noise reduction to eliminate false alarms. The application can upload images to an FTP location or send them automatically to an email address when movement is detected. There is plenty of configuration available and includes live broadcasting options. This program is packed with some features such as view a resulting video during recording, hide this app on your PC and manage it by hotkeys, and date and time overlay. webcam surveyor is a complete video surveillance solution that reveals an impressive array of settings.