ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is a basic outbound and inbound firewall application that keeps your computer safe from various threats and blocking unauthorized access. There are many offers to skip, such as a different home page or web browser toolbars. You can gain full control over its settings or choose the app’s behavior from your actions. This program has a modern and clean interface, and there is an online help manual to find yourself stuck. The user can add his networks and view networks that are under surveillance. It has a few advanced features that allow VPN protocols, block public servers and many others, and let you disable Windows Firewall. This program keeps an eye on behavior and all running procedures and manages application interactions. It is possible to customize the settings to adjust the level of security with sliders, view all programs, their trust level, and status, and add your own and fully manage them. The user can cease all internet activity, postpone restrictions for five minutes, allow all connections setup by the game, and even switch to a Game Mode that can adapt itself. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is a piece of software that requires attention on behalf especially with the learning mode.