I-FunBox is an efficient application that allows you to create backups, install apps, and copy files with this transferring tool for iPod Touch devices, iPads, and iPhones. This program displays its content in categories like app file sharing, user applications, camera, general storage, voice memos, iBooks, and raw file systems. The utility allows you to copy the files freely and automatically recognizes the connected iDevice. You can move and copy files around like using windows explorer when the device is in sync. The user can choose simple drag and drop function and the classic copy to move his files then also the app performs very fast. It is possible to connect and use iDevice as a USB storage device with this program and access the files in the App Sandbox. When you deal with personal documents or multimedia files, it comes in handy. You can copy ringtones, Photos, videos, and music to their default locations. I-FunBox is an Explorer-like file management that is specially designed to transfer data with effortlessly.