FileZilla is a fast SFTP and FTP tool that is specially designed to secure transferring, easy navigation by using advanced protocols and offers a dual-pane interface and multiple connections support. This program can be used for remote file editing, achieves awesome transfer speeds, and also gives support for various protocols such as SFTP, FTPS, and FTP. The utility comes packed with a few menus including a toolbar of buttons and the user interface also has a tabbed style. You can upload files and batch download from and to multiple servers, change firewall settings, modify access rights, set to adjust transfer speeds automatically, quickly connect to the server, and so on. Additionally, this application supports a huge settings menu with speed limits, drag and drop support, multiple transfer modes, and process queue that concern transfers, interface, proxy, and language or file editing. The user can save passwords, connection types, usernames, and other details for connecting to a website with this tool. FileZilla is a reliable and easy to use program that makes the perfect companion for website administrators.