Xara Designer Pro is a powerful and helpful piece of software that is used to render vector drawings, create flash animations, photo compositions, and web graphics. There is a modern design of the UI and an experienced user can use this program properly. You can get the usually written help contents, daily tips, online video tutorials, workshops, and online forums. This program includes a lot of examples and templates such as website themes, illustrations, CD/DVD covers and labels, photo calendars, and animated banners, etc. The user can create specific effects like shadows, transparency, bevels gradient fills, and much more. A Document Information Panel can access at any point in creating a project that can show the number of fractals, bitmaps, pages, undo steps and objects, and the size of anyone. Additionally, you can perform many tasks by simply dragging and dropping and export and import from a large number of file formats. Xara Designer Pro is a comprehensive application that offers to create vector drawings, beautiful pictures, web graphics and others.