Akinator is an online interesting questioning game that can tell you about your character and read your mind just by asking a few questions. This game allows you to show the most unusual and extraordinary potions with the lab and offers core features such as unleash your creativity, try out the MyWorld experience, keep on guessing, and go in search for AKI awards. There is a radiant potion which erases all ads from the app and supercharged potion unlocks many new characters. You can customize your characters with the ultimate potion so you can impress your friends. It is possible to customize this game as you want, play and unlock with new backgrounds, and the genie will turn into a disco man, cowboy, or a vampire. The user can win extra geniz to customize the favorite genie and try to find five mysterious characters each day. This application gathers all your friends and relatives into your own galerie MyWorld. Akinator is an internet game and mobile app that is available in several languages and requires an internet connection to use his magic lamp.