Blogger is an extensive email platform that is specially used to create a unique and beautiful blogs, share your photos, thoughts, and more with the world and your friends. There is an unlimited flexibility to personalize and an API which lets you integrate the features into other sites. The user can choose the perfect design, hundreds of background images, and easy to use templates. This browser-based tool was developed by Pyra Labs, and allows you to buy a custom domain or get a free domain. It is possible to connect your blog directly to Google Analytics and earn money by posting about your passion with the relevant targeted ads on your blog. Additionally, you can share your breaking news, expertise, or whatever’s on your mind, and also present your blog in seven different ways such as classic, time slide, sidebar, mosaic, magazine, flip card, and snapshot. Blogger is an online blog publishing service that assists the user to post text, videos, and photos easily from mobile phone or the web.