Keysticks is an intuitive and reliable game controller that is specially designed to surf the web, play music and games on your computer, and works as a comfortable alternative to the mouse and keyboard. The user can control music player wirelessly and use Keysticks with a wireless Xbox 360 controller. You can browse the web wirelessly and also connect your PC to your TV using your controller. This program allows you to use a wireless Xbox 360 controller as a slide changer for Microsoft PowerPoint which helps you present slides smoothly. There are support for mouse or keyboard, you can play PC games using your gamepad and ditch the keyboard if any spamming in your favorite games. Moreover, it is possible to try typing with buttons or thumbsticks instead to stay away from the keyboard. Keysticks is a handy application used to make computing more comfortable, comes with an on-screen virtual keyboard and ready-made profiles for controlling windows with word prediction.