Mouseover Popup Image Viewer is a straightforward utility that works with more than 90 hosting images websites, links to images files, and WebM videos. You can move cursor off thumbnail, zoom out fully, click to close pop-up and move mouse cursor over thumbnail to open pop up. It is possible to mouse wheel up or down to zoom in or out with adjust room and tap shift or right-click while pop up is visible to activate zoom. This program allows you to check your browser settings and content-blocking extensions if videos don’t play. The user can do many actions such as force pop up, suppress/freeze pop up, change settings, download file, open file in new tab, and flip through album. Moreover, there is a download feature that is not recommended for large files and it is in an experimental state. Mouseover Popup Image Viewer is an intuitive application in which zoom level and image dimensions are shown in the tab title.