Stickies is an easy to use Windows application that allows you to organize your notes with color-coded post-its and set reminders for certain events. It offers a great amount of features and take notes straight from desktop. The user can set a time, write down a note, and date for a reminder, and it supports recurring. You can use the SMTP email server, or built-in TCP/IP network support to send a note with just a few clicks. This program is packed with an integrated backup feature for saving important notes and can play sounds every time. The user can set up appearance, PDAs for file transfers to mobile devices, email, network, hotkeys and alerts. The application works with Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, and it is completely free. This program offers core features such as international language, Unicode and RTL text support, and Stickies can store images or text, etc. Stickies is a PC utility that works well and the settings menu is quite impressive.