FBReader is a compact software solution that offers you to organize digital library by custom tags or author and supports the OpenReader, fb2, and ePub formats. The user can toggle between the reading mode and library tree, and the interface is packed with minimal features in a standard window. You can use a search function, jump to a particular page, and use either the scroll mouse, buttons or arrow keys on the toolbar to navigate back. It is possible to switch to a different language for the UI, view eBook information, rotate text, change the series title and author names, and add as many tags. There are a bunch of configuration settings via the options screen, and you can collect even books without metadata. The user can establish the number of lines to scroll, configure proxy parameters, select the networks to search in, and alter the page margins and default background color. FBReader is a lightweight application that has some important features for viewing eBooks and has a good response time.