EZGenerator is easy to use web site building application that enables you to build great websites without the need of HTML experience. It offers an intuitive, wide range of practical, and powerful functions. This program provides a very large number of templates, and you get a decent number of variations. The user can just pick a website that’s already been work and built. The application gives you tools needed to create tables, bookmarks, hyperlinks, and add different types of content. It is also possible to insert images, buttons, widgets, slideshows, and custom HTML code and macros. You can change the template without affecting or erasing the already inserted content. The user can add new content and quickly check to see how it works and looks. You can manage the online administrator panel, change characteristics for page elements, and edit the website code from powerful template editor. EZGenerator is a stable and reliable program that generates the site you imagine, without limiting creativity and useful for beginners and advanced users.