Nmap is a cross-platform software solution that uses raw IP packets to determine in novel ways what hosts are available on the network. It is specially designed for experts that can only be operated using the commands and correct syntax. The application is a command line tool and it has a graphical user interface. This program can be used to manage schedules or create network inventories for service upgrades, and track host or service uptime. When scanning large networks, the utility truly shows its strong points. The application displays the type of information and scans your network inventory such as routers, IP addresses, hostnames, filters, and so on, working in few seconds without any delay. You can specify full privileges before proceeding with a network scan. It is possible to identify the services on the network by the available hosts after process raw IP packets. This program can be used to obtain data regarding the firewalls and packet filters on the target hosts. Nmap is a powerful application that allows you to manage large networks and comes with extensive documentation.