Evince is an intuitive, lightweight and minimally invasive PDF viewer that comes with simple method to opening Adobe’s file types. The user can view PDF documents without any installation process with the help of this complicated software which usually demand a lot of system resources. This program is accessible to all types of users and offers many standard options for viewing PDFs. After the completion of installation process, it is possible to run the app to view a regular window with an intuitive and clean layout. You can open PDF documents with drag and drop support or the file browser. The user can use a search function, navigate the pages, toggle between dual and continuous display mode, and rotate pages right and left. This application allows you to jump a particular pager, customize the toolbar, fit the page to height or width, switch to presentation or full-screen mode, zoom in and out, and save settings as default. Evince is a comprehensive application that can be minimized to the taskbar, uses a very low quantity of CPU and memory, and no crash or error problems in this program.