is a handy application that is used to create graphic design projects in an extensive environment and offers many relevant tools. The application comes packed with a user-friendly design and organized many intuitive functions throughout its main window. There is a minimalistic settings menu that contains handful features such as showing angle tooltips, displaying coordinates, highlighting on hover, and resizing border width on transform. You can generate graphic design projects and create blank projects from the dedicated library by choosing a canvas. The user can find Youtube cover, Facebook cover, twitch video, Twitter post, Kindle cover, blog and website cover among the layouts. This program allows you to organize your projects in folders for simply management. It is possible to add media, text content, or custom shapes to your canvas and modify them many ways, such as change their position, transforming, clip, merge, and split them. Additionally, a handy template library offers you the project where you can choose the best in this program. is a reliable tool that requires no complicated configuration and provides comprehensive features including a template library.