LeoCAD is a simple and efficient CAD application that offers a huge library of pieces similar to the Lego ones and lets you create your own design. This program comes with an intuitive interface that helps you to create your 3D models. There is a usual menu bar to enhance usability and also shortcut buttons, a color panel, a preview pane, and a list of all the types of parts. You can toggle certain toolbars, set various types of keyboard commands, split the window horizontally or vertically, or changing and so on with this highly customizable application. It works like a powerful editor so the user can create specific toy designs, and also use it in animations and to make building tutorials. This utility allows you to place bricks on the baseplate with drag them from the list on the main screen. It is possible to change the positions simply and move the arrows in all the ways. Additionally, the user can zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel. LeoCAD is a useful tool that comes with the importing feature and a library of more than 1000 various types of bricks.