XMedia Recode is a reliable piece of software that offers support for advanced parameters, different output profiles, and helps you convert video and audio files. This application comes with an intuitive approach for both experienced and beginner users and works with most formats out there. It has an option to convert Blu-Ray and DVD discs into any format and manages to address experienced ones and novice users at the same time. When you want to transfer an AVI video on your iPhone, you can pick the iPhone model. The power users can modify bitrate and step into the more advanced side at the same time, framerate, keyframe interval, and many other settings and rate control mode regarding both the audio and video chapters. Moreover, it is possible to keep an eye on the running process, work conversion process smoothly, and there are also all important settings in the main window. XMedia Recode is a powerful and easy-to-configure program that is a top media encoder on the market and can work with virtually all video and audio formats.