Blender is a professional 3D creation software that offers you to create a 2D and 3D models and encloses animation, lighting, texturing, professional modeling, and video post-processing tools. This program has expert-oriented GUI, comprehensive documentation, and comes with a well-structured tutorials and user manual. A vast online community can help you get familiarized with it and an open-source program. You can simply lose yourself in the documentation if you are interested in 3D graphic editing. The application lets you view all the features and tools. The user can add modifiers like an array, mirror, mask, edge split, Boolean, multi-resolution, deform, mesh, lattice, collision, wave, smooth, explode, and smoke. You can undo and redo your actions, render an image, and take a screencast or screenshot. The user can customize themes in the settings menu, also use the grease pencil, texture painting, UV unwrapping, physics, shading, halos, vertex paint, rigging, the world and ambient effects, a game logic editor, and much more. Blender is an open-source application that uses a high amount of CPU and system memory.