Mirekusoft Install Monitor is a handy and reliable program that is designed to uninstall programs, remove apps and displays all existing content they create as well as registry entries, folders, and files. This application depends on third-party components and takes a long time tom finish the setup process. There are program details including publisher, installed time and date, version, size, assigned user, usage frequency, and date and time of last access. It is possible to view contents along with Autostart items, repair or uninstall it, open its entry in the registry editor, search for online information, view file properties, and copy the tool version and name to the clipboard. The user can use a search function which enables you to view CPU, locate an app using its active window, manage apps that automatically run at OS startup, and disk size and memory consumption for active processes. Moreover, you can hide uninstalled tools, show file history in the contents pane, attempts to fix any errors, and reduce the database size. Mirekusoft Install Monitor is a very nifty application that comes with high system resources consumption and no crash or error problem in this program.