Quiz of Knowledge is a multiple choice social quiz to test your general knowledge with the rest of the world and comprises more than 4,000 questions developed by team of educators. There are questions about celebrities, Geography, Mythology, Sports, and so on. Knowledge is a great power, the game comes with updates with new categories and questions, offline playable, achievements, and world leaderboard. You can earn more points to give answer the questions as fast, you have three lives, twenty seconds to answer each question, and five correct answers gain one life. It is possible to support the game in all tablet PCs and mobile with Android operating system. Additionally, the user can get beautiful graphics, online score, high scores, and over 2000 multiple choice questions in English. This application is free, track your progress, and improve your knowledge by unlocking the in-game achievements. Quiz of Knowledge is the ultimate trivia quiz that includes sixteen categories of knowledge like technology, politics, arts, sports, history, and many more.