FileSeek is an intuitive and simple to use program that offers support for multiple profiles and allows users to search for text string matches inside any file. There is a simple and quick installing procedure and you can check out a standard window with a well-defined layout after completing. When it comes to the target directory, the user can set up the search parameters, exclusion list of folders or files, and the search query. This application performs a scan job quickly and provides results with the file name, line number, size, path, and date of last access and modification. It is possible to define more advanced filters when it comes to the subfolders, query match mode, case sensitivity, file size limit, and date attributes. Moreover, you can manage, create, and synchronize multiple profiles for different projects, input command-line parameters to pass, enable file handlers, switch to a different language for the UI, and so on. FileSeek is a compact and feature-rich utility which offers good response time and integrates into the Explorer context menu.