GesWall is a useful and straightforward application that lets you open e-mail attachments, browse the internet, exchange files, chat, and so on. This program comes with an intuitive interface, no matter of the security threats posed, and the inexperienced user can easily work with this program. There is a folder that displays the structure on the left side of the main window and details are shown on the right side. You can modify the size of the icons, show or hide the certain bars, and place windows in a cascade mode or title horizontally with the highly customizable interface. The utility contains restriction policies, therefore it can prevent attacks such as malicious software spreading, confidential files disclosure, rootkits, backdoors, and key loggers. There is also an extensive color-coded summary in this program so that you can see all restricted operations, prevented attacks, and isolated applications. GesWall is a piece of software that you can view reports and export lists of untrusted items for certain periods of time.