IQ Test – How smart are you? is an innovative and questioning application that test you on verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, and logical reasoning, among several other factors. This app is very difficult to cheat and right thing for you if you want wondered about your intelligence quotient. When you take a test, the questions may not be the same each time and you prove a true genius yourself if you score a 180+ on this IQ test. There is a calculated IQ score based on the number of questions and the difficulty of the questions depends on the age. You can see how you rank across the world among a million others with the Global leaderboards and also login with Email, Google, or Facebook. The user can percentile evaluation of test performance and view detailed explanations and answers of the questions. Additionally, there is a premium version and this game appreciates your suggestions for future updates. IQ Test – How smart are you? is an interesting game for people to improve knowledge, fun in the questioning process, and try it for best scores.