Thumbnail Zoom Plus is an intuitive piece of software that shows full image when you hover over an image link or a thumbnail. You can disable or enable sites as desired with the toolbar menu and add-on’s preferences. The user can configure the delay until the pop up appears and view the images which are added to history with the preferences. This application works of your sites such as Facebook, Bing images, Baidu images, Amazon, Google+, Flickr, Google images, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Netflix, LinkedIn, IMDb, Youtube, Yandex, Yahoo images, and Wikipedia. There are bundled and core features like size and position, open or close the pop-up, open in window or new tab or save, and caption, clipboard, and Google search for the image. Additionally, it is possible to increase or decrease the zoom size of the current pop-up and reset the zoom size of the current pop-up to 100%. Thumbnail Zoom Plus is a comprehensive and useful program which opens the pop-up image in a new background, opens the pop-up image in a new tab, and opens the pop-up in a new window.