FileLocator is a comprehensive and reliable program which exhaustively search your PC for all Particular files, filter files by timestamps and attributes, use regex, and save and generate reports. There are multiple tabs to do multiple searches with various filters at the same time. The user can check-out the user-friendly interface with the neatly organized window after uneventful and brief setup procedure and the tool provides two various layouts for beginner and expert users. It is possible to include subfolders, containing text and drive to scan, specify a file name, along with time frame, and the scan mode. This tool assists users to establish the search mode, Boolean expression match mode, and enhanced file searching mode such as manage a lift of file extensions and select custom processing settings. Additionally, you can use an external editor, clear search history, use a search function within results, get an error report, create a favorites list, save the search criteria for future projects, and export results to file or clipboard. FileLocator is a useful system search tool that comes with a good response time and no crash or error problems.