AssureSign offers electronic signatures for Salesforce CRM, and one-click document creation, Microsoft SharePoint customers, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is specially designed for mid to large sized businesses. This program is the leading web-based and easily integrates with a range of business technology options, including Microsoft applications, and Windows Azure. There are three convenient ways to sign and manage documents: via a SaaS platform, on your file server, and via the cloud. In the cloud and SaaS platforms, no software or hardware is required. This program offers users to become partners to be compensated for new customer referrals. This software is best for green companies, they do business professionals and overseas. There are some prominent features such as; tooltips on text fields, bulk signing, instant document preview, and expiration dates, and upload DOC, DOCX, PDF, and XLS. Account statistics and document volume graphs are reporting features of this app.