jGnash is a handy Java-built application that lets you to manage your finances, create budgets based on your history, add multiple reminders, and generate reports. A screen or start menu and the Windows registry are not going to be affected in any way and the installing procedure is not a demand. The user can copy the program files easily to a removable storage unit and run it on any PC. This program helps you to add multiple accounts easily along with information like description, name, currency, ID, notes, and type. You can insert charges, transfers, incomes, adjustments and withdrawals, and view the total balance. It is possible to generate the several types of reports such as monthly balances, loss and profit, net worth, end-of-month balance, and expense/income pie charts. Moreover, there is an option to print the transactions as checks and create your data in a custom location. jGnash is a straightforward and simple utility which offers good response time, intuitive interface, and no crash or error problems.